Our Name

Our name, RoundPeg Republic, is a play on the statement “Square Peg in a Round Hole” which refers to the misfit of two identities, originally, a person and a social niche.

The word Republic is a nod to Florence, as it was in the 14 /1500’s, and, that most famous work by Plato.

RoundPeg Republic functions as an Innovation Zone.

RoundPeg Republic Ltd


We are a creative and interactive Design Studio.

About Us

Winning together by Working as a Team

We possess a blend of Creative and Technical Skills that allow us to contribute to a wide range of Design Projects across multiple Industries.

How we currently spend out Time;

Instructional Design 40%
Play Testing 20%
Brand Development 25%
Website Development 15%
More about us
Two graphic designers working together in the office. They are writing their plan and ideas  on a board. Shot from behind.
Recent Works

Software Design Project

Kellys Journal seeks to improve School Culture at second level for all Stakeholders. Kellys Journal is a digital alternative to the traditional pen and paper Homework Diary. Digitization permits the transition from an instance-based to a rates-based grievance model, hence, turning discipline on its head and focusing on what the student is doing right. The project also seeks to create a market for digital content in the Education sector.

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