Brand Design

Brand is the easiest way to communicate an organization’s identity.  It takes time to expose a brand, at least a year in our experience.

We recommend  that an organization develops a provisional brand; logo, mission, vision and values at the outset, a sort of prototype.  This can be undertaken as an in-house activity.

Twelve to eighteen months later, the brand project should be revisited and developed properly.  This is a good time to employ professional assistance, unless brand design is a core competency within the organization.

It is also wise to revisit the brand project in advance of major marketing and funding events.  Here the objective is to gain feedback,  to discern if the brand is likely to support the event.

Featured Project:

The Coursiqa Logo and Mission Proposition

Incorporated in November 2015, Coursiqa Ltd, was cofounded by Conor Curran and Deborah Carberry.

Orbits where the inspiration for the Coursiqa logo. The ‘central mass’ acting as a symbol for Culture,
that which dictates the behaviour of the overall system.


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