Exhibition Design

Exhibiting, carried out thoughtfully, is the ultimate sales and marketing exercise.

It provides opportunities to meet with a variety of Stakeholders and gain valuable insights, to be used later to influence product and business decisions.

An exhibition can provide a framework to run a successful campaign, digital or otherwise.  It can be harnessed for product launches, improving public relations, meeting competitors and forging partnerships.

An expo (or convention) also support what is human in the relationships between Brands and Consumers.

However, it is not enough to just turn up……..  It is not enough to bring a van load of swag either……..

We would challenge you to think about who you are and who you’re audience is.  What interaction can you design that creates value for both?


Featured Project:

TY Expo , Punchestown, September, 2017

We wanted our exhibit to be game focused where visitors could get a feel for changes in Design across time.

To illustrate, we chose two systems, the Super Nintendo, a fourth generation game console released in 1992, and the Nintendo Wii, a sixth generation game console released in 2006.

Due to the nature of an Expo, we needed a game that could be completed relatively quickly and easily. Short on time and space, we chose Mariokart for it’s fun, fast, racey features.  With 15 years between the release of each version, a lot had changed.  Nowhere was this more apparent than in the design of the controls.





The test was simple; Carry out the following three tasks where tasks 1 and 2 are interchangeable:

1. Play Mariokart on the Nintendo Wii
2. Play Mariokart on the Super Nintendo
3. Leave a star or a comment on the feedback poster of your preferred controller.



  The Super Nintendo pad was the clear favourite on the day.  Some of the comments from the feedback posters are captured below.


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