Website Development

A Website is a primary marketing tool.  It can be used for communicating, advertising and  interacting with Consumers.

It is now possible for all organizations to design their own websites very simply using ‘drag and drop’ one-stop-shop products such as Wix and Weebly.

However, an organization will still require some skill and talent among its team to design an attractive, user-friendly experience.  If in doubt, consult a web design/development agency.

Shop around as prices and ‘point of views’ vary greatly.

At RoundPeg Republic, we like uisng WordPress because of the abundance of themes, plugins and widgets available which permit a highly customisable, design focused workflow.

Featured Project:

Project initiated in January 2018, ‘The Sales Game’ is a collaboration between Ronald C. Hughes and Deborah Carberry. was designed using the WordPress Theme ‘Cosine’.  The theme was chosen because it closely matched the structure and style we wanted to express.  The only shortfall in the theme (for our purposes) was the lack of Event based features.  We decided to use Eventbrite as a platform for Event marketing and, hence, added an Eventbrite plugin and widget to our site.

The logo design was a straightforward process as ‘The Sales Game’ is an inhouse project (for in-house projects, we mainitain the basic geometry of the RoundPeg logo).  Colour, font and angle where the only considerations.

Sourcing stock images was a key challenge.  Our Game techniques are very specific and, as a new product, we have not built up a catalogue of event-based images yet.  Finally selection was based on the ability of the images ‘to communicate the spirit’ of The Sales Game programmes.  These will be updated in due course.

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